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DUP Method Review

the dup method review

For strength gain programs the DUP Method by strength Coaches Jason Maxwell and Mike Samuels is one of the most interesting. This review provides the most important information to help you decide if it’s something that’s useful for you.

What Is The DUP Method?

This product is a weight training and nutrition program created by Jason Maxwell and Mike Samuels that allows you to get stronger in as little as 4 weeks. The name of the program reflects the special strategy it uses for getting stronger call Daily Undulating Periodization (D.U.P). Besides strength, you can use the DUP method to build muscle, lose fat, get faster, and build endurance.

The DUP Method comes with an easy-to-follow workout and nutrition plan that is enriched with the latest science. The system is strategically developed to get you stronger in less time and without ever hitting a plateau. The program works for both women and men.

My Personal Review

Daily Undulating Periodization (D.U.P) is the little-known strength training method used by lifters to get amazingly stronger and more muscular. I like the way that this program is designed to harness the power of D.U.P, while making it easy for anyone to follow, including complete beginners. Also, the guys behind the program, Jason and Mike, are some of the most respected strength coaches in the industry. I recommend the program and think it is a great type of approach to strength training that will benefit people.

DUP Method Program Details

So how does D.U.P. work and what kind of effort do you have to put in to get the results? D.U.P. is essentially high-frequency training. You hit a muscle group or perform a lift three, or possibly even four or five times per week. Basically, the words Daily Undulating Periodization (D.U.P) represents the core techniques used, as shown below.

DAILY: Your workouts change on a daily basis.
UNDULATING: Your weight/intensity/load changes on a session by session basis.
PERIODIZATION: The program has periods of light, moderate and heavy work.

With D.U.P. You Will:

  • Train lifts multiple times per week.
  • Train the same muscle groups and even perform the same exercises on consecutive days.
  • Use a limited number of exercises.
  • Use periods of over-reaching.
  • Work in a variety of rep ranges with varying levels of intensity.

The program has a 5-day, 4-day, 3-day, and 2-day routine based upon how much time you have available to train.

What You Get

Although this DUP Method review is aimed at providing the most important information on the product, I think it’s important to let you know what you get when you order. It is a 100% digital product, which means everything can be downloaded soon after you purchase. You’ll get a number of different digital components which includes:

  • The DUP Method Main Manual
  • The DUP Method Nutrition Guide
  • The Optimal DUP Workout Log
  • 4-Day Per Week DUP Workout Log
  • The “Busy Man’s” DUP Workout Log
  • DUP For Beat Up Lifters Workout Log
  • DUP For Hypertrophy Workout Log

You’ll also get a limited time bonus that includes Bench Press, Squatting and Deadlift Video Guides

Final Word

Hands down, the DUP Method by Jason Maxwell and Mike Samuels is the most comprehensive program that is based on Daily Undulating Periodization (D.U.P) to getting stronger. And you’ll also be getting the other great benefits like muscle building, more agility and better endurance. If you want these benefits from a fitness program, then get the DUP Method. And make sure you check it out because it’s being offered at a special discount for a very limited time.