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The Metabolic Component For Simultaneous Fat Loss & Muscle Building

fat vs muscledIf you are trying to get in shape through fat loss and muscle building, then you already know metabolism is a key component comes into the picture. However, how do you achieve simultaneous fat loss and muscle building with your metabolism? We know that these are 2 conflicting tasks in terms of the metabolic and caloric requirement. The founder of the Metabolic Effect health and fitness company, Dr, Jade Teta reveals that there is an important metabolic coumpound called IL-15 that is the key to building muscle and burning fat at the same time.

He said, bodybuilders are the main group of people who know how to harness the power of IL-15. Despite the difficulty of losing fat and building muscle simultaneously, you can achieve this goal by following the same principles used by bodybuilders.

The Difference Between Muscle & Fat

Muscle mass and fat are two different things in a number of ways. However, one of the most important difference between fat and muscle you want to keep in mind is their relationship to calories.

Muscle is an active tissue that burns calories all day long, around the clock, and the more you have, the more you burn. Consider muscle to be like a car engine running in neutral. The harder you push the car, the faster you push the car, the more calories you burn.

Fat on the othe hand, is just a storage of excess energy. It serves very little value to the body, aside from insulation and basic health which you need only a minimum amount for. Basically, the sole goal of body fat in life is to sit around your waist like a spare tire with the hopes that one day you’ll step it up and burn it off.

Harnessing IL-15 For Simultaneous Fat Loss and Muscle Building

The multitasking molecule called il-15 also nicknamed the arnold molecule is a powerful molecule for both burning fat and building muscle, and it is only stimulated through certain activity. When a muscle cells is exposed to cardiovascular and aerobic type of exercises likr running il-15 is not released.

Only when this muscle is exposed to weight training and specific type of intense weight training will Il-15 be released from the the muscle. And when it is released from the muscle it does two things at the same time, it burns fat and it builds muscle. In other words it creates the holy grail of body change – a lean fit tone physique by burning fat and building muscle. This is what Jade Teta’s metabolic¬†prime is designed to help people achieve. It harnesses the power of IL-15 to help persona achieve simultaneous fat loss and muscle building.

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